Why e-identification and e-authentication?

Provide a better customer experience by allowing your users to register, identify and authenticate themselves in your application using WordPress.


How does the plugin work?

The solution is a standalone WordPress plugin with a ready-to-use interface that can be installed on your website. With it, it is therefore unnecessary to build everything from scratch, prepare support for both mobile and card IDs or other cards, handle all error messages correctly, etc. All you have to do is put the plugin in the right place on your web site and make sure that your web site receives the user information after the authentication. The solution is designed to minimize the labor and cost of implementation, ensuring the security of the user and site owner.


Register – Login

A user on the website registers with their mobile phone or Smart-ID. Establishes as a user on the web and assigns access to the web.
Sign up only takes a few seconds!

Know your customers

Eliminate impersonations and fake identities in your e-services — by using federated eIDs you are always going to know your customers’ real identity.

Don’t compromise on security on account of UX

Username and password based identification is vulnerable to security issues as databases with sensitive customer data can be breached. Even if your system is not breached, users tend to use the same passwords for different accounts, thus obliging you to implement additional security controls which is both expensive and requires trained developers in identity security.

Good user experience

Save your users the trouble of tedious registration forms. Instead, boost your customer visits, on-boards or online purchases to your website with flexible, easy and passwordless login. 30% of online purchases are abandoned at checkout because consumers cannot remember their passwords.